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Session Tunes of the Greenwich Traditional Musicians Co-operative


These tunes have largely been transcribed from musicians who have played at the session at the Cricketers and the Lord Hood pubs in Greenwich. As they are traditional tunes, we are not aware of any copyright which may have been infringed, except where we know that the author has given permission.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe your copyright has been infringed. These tunes have all been played at the session in Greenwich for the last 25 years. Overall there are several hundred tunes, and this selection should cover the most common ones.


We hope that providing these tunes will encourage more friends and visitors to come play with us. Whether fairly new to traditional music or more experienced, you're all welcome! Please do not wait to know all the tunes - that is not possible - and in any case we don't promise to play them the same way twice! We also include some compositions by our members.


We also have some live recordings of tunes which people have requested, as well as a CD which you can buy here.

The GreenTrad Tune Book
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