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The Greenwich Traditional Musicians Co-operative is a non-profit making contact group for local musicians with an interest in traditional music. Our mission is to promote the learning and enjoyment of all types of traditional music, dance and song.


Since 1995 we have met and played music in central Greewich. Early in 2005 we moved from our old home at the Cricketers pub (which was sold) to our second home at the Lord Hood, and since 2015 we are to be found at The Star and Garter Pub on Old Woolwich Road. Here we hold regular Tuesday night English music sessions. Competent musicians or singers are very welcome to join us, or even those starting out. Those wishing to come along and listen are equally welcome - though make sure that you get there in good time if you want a seat!


Bookings - We are available for gigs, parties events for a reasonable fee. Please email Secretary Ellie Pridgeon, or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.


The Future - Our plan is both to hold as many musical events in Greenwich as we are able, and to provide the opportunity for talented local performers, some of whom remain undiscovered, to participate in existing local festivities such as the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival. 


Recordings - Copies of the tunes that we play (over 200) are now available as downloadable files (midi or JPEG format). To encourage those nervous of visiting a session, we have published a book of tunes that we play at the session which can be downloaded or bought. To browse our tunes database or buy the book, visit our music page.


Advice and Membership - We are also able to offer advice on running a traditional music event. Please feel free to get in touch with our contact should you require any of our services or wish to participate in any way.


GreenTrad site made with digital glue and wood by Sam Brace

Logo designed by Jess Sully and Sam Brace 

Illustrations of GreenTrad members by Paul Gross





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The GreenTrad Tune Book
The GreenTrad Tune Book
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